Who is Pyegar?

Pyegar (TM) is a brand name used by David D. Davis Jr., for certain literary purposes. Original content on this site, or by me that is linked to on this site, is available for licensing through arrangement with me, David Davis. The purpose of this site is primarily to promote and support my publications. i.e. to make money or to gain an appreciative readership or to get better at the craft of writing.  And to have fun doing so.

Business Purpose

I will read, write, teach, edit, or publish (or help publish) for pay. according to a rate set by agreement. I will license my material, for acceptable remuneration.


In the fictional works, no resemblance to any living person is intended or should be inferred. Even the dead ones aren’t who you might think they are. As moderator, I will take down anything I don’t care for, without fear or favor.


No copyright infringement, or infringement of other intellectual property rights, will be tolerated on this site. No obscene material will be tolerated. All user-generated content is subject to takedown without notice.


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