Those Who Would Steal Away The Music

Dear Mr. Warshaw,

There are those who would consume your music. I don’t mean that they would listen to it, as you do. I mean that they would siphon off your enjoyment of it, forever. And for their own pleasure, without a moment’s regret. And not just yours: Everyone’s.

I know this sounds like a paranoid rant, and very likely it is. But I haven’t lived 300 years on this world and not learned a few things.

I’ve learned – or, I’ve come to understand – that there is conspiracy which is sucking away those creative and imaginative brain functions that lead to the authentic invention and enjoyment of music. What I don’t know is who is behind it, how far they have proceeded, and what they intend to do with this stealthy, bizarre capacity.

How do I know? Can I prove it? Am I a crackpot? I know you are asking yourself these things, and so you should. You know about some things beyond the edges, as it were. That’s why I turned to you.

I have evidence. But I can’t risk bringing it to you. They’re watching. Come to me, here. Please come quickly, I haven’t got much time and they want to silence me like they’ve silenced everyone else who’s found out.

/A Friend

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