Jake’s Testimony [2 of 10]

‘Easy’– everyone called him that. His name is Esse (it rhymes with ‘Jesse’) but his gift of charm and his easy-going ways were right there to be seen even when we were small. We were born nearly at the same time, yes, twins. But he charmed his way here first. I am frequently reminded of that. I was literally right behind him, they say I had my hand on his foot as we both emerged from our mother’s womb.

Everyone always liked Esse, even when we were kids together. They said I was too thoughtful, always wondering about the whys and the wherefores. Our father preferred him, of course. And as the elder son, Esse was set up from birth to inherit whatever little fortune the old man might be able to amass. The funny thing was, Esse didn’t care—if he had money, he spent it. He was crazy generous, too easy-going to be anyone’s head of household. About as responsible as a he-goat. And hairy like one, if the truth be told.

Strangely, we were never really pals. I know that is unusual in twins. I wanted out, I wanted to learn about the world. I wanted to see the city. Esse wanted nothing more than to wander the fields and date a girl from the next town. Or several.

[Part 3]

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