My Obligatory Disclaimer

[Too harsh? Too soft? Just right?  Let me know what you think. ]

Ob. Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. It involves the names of some characters (themselves fictional and a product of my imagination) who might sound like they are or were people you may think you recognize from their celebrity in some public activity. I assert that is pure coincidence. Obviously, nothing here is intended as a representative of those people. Especially the dead ones. Dead people have the important attribute of lacking all activity. I don’t believe in ghosts, and I don’t accept any sort of assertion that there can be any justice in being sued for exercising one’s legitimate freedom of expression. So too for the names of businesses or other organizations that are used fictitiously in this work. Sale or download or enjoyment of this work is not authorized in jurisdictions that have relevant and enforceable rights of publicity, even though I don’t think that any such exist. That same prohibition goes for the insane British laws concerning libel. I have no problem with their non-insane ones. I do understand the difference between trademark and copyright, however, and nothing not of my creation from this story will ever appear on a tee-shirt or coffee cup printed under my authorization.

We do hope you enjoy the show.

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