A good story by Saul Bellow, one of the old masters

“Something to Remember Me By” (by Saul Bellow;  first published 1989)

Recommended by Mary Gaitskill, Via Longreads.com

“WHEN THERE IS TOO MUCH GOING ON, more than you can bear, you may choose to assume that nothing in particular is happening, that your life is going round and round like a turntable. Then one day you are aware that what you took to be a turntable, smooth, flat, and even, was in fact a whirlpool, a vortex. My first knowledge of the hidden work of uneventful days goes back to February 1933. The exact date won’t matter much to you. I like to think, however, that you, my only child, will want to hear about this hidden work as it relates to me. When you were a small boy you were keen on family history. You will quickly understand that I couldn’t tell a child what I am about to tell you now. You don’t talk about deaths and vortices to a kid, not nowadays. In my time my parents didn’t hesitate to speak of death and the dying. What they seldom mentioned was sex. We’ve got it the other way around.

– See more at: http://recommendedreading.tumblr.com/post/38384559331/saul-bellow-mary-gaitskill-remember?src=longreads#sthash.tmq3ZW2e.dpuf


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